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1906 Club

This is a real bonus for members of the Club. Silverdale became a founder member of a newly formed The 1906 Club. Over 60 clubs were founded in 1906 and to-date 40 Clubs have joined The 1906 Club including the prestigious Swiss course, Crans-sur Sierre home of the Swiss Open Golf Tournament.

The benefits of this:

  • Courtesy, reciprocal golfing rights to all affiliated Clubs,
  • Members can play, in groups of eight or fewer, on any of the courses of the affiliated clubs once a year in perpetuity as long as they are at least 50 miles from the home club.
  • The courses are all over the UK and one in Switzerland.

Members who wish to play at one of The 1906 Club courses need to see the secretary, who will provide a letter of introduction, then phone the course and go and enjoy playing the course.

List of Member Clubs in the 1906 Club

Club DetailsWeekday restrictionsLadies DaySaturdaySundayGreen Fee

T: 07005 808246
E: ianr@sandhill27.fsnet.co.uk
-Tuesdayby arrangementafter 14.00courtesy
Athy, Co Kildare

T: 0035 3598 631729
E: info@athygolfclub.com
-Thursdayby arrangement after 13.00Ltd availability after 12.00courtesy
Beamish Park

T: 01913 701382
E: bpgc@beamishparkgc.fsbusiness.co.uk
-nonenot availablenot availablecourtesy
Bradford Moor

T: 01274 771716
E: bmgc@go-legend.net
-TuesdayRing for availabilityRing for availabilitycourtesy

T: 0141 772 8938
E: thesecretarybgc@yahoo.co.uk
-Wednesdaynot availablesubject to availabilitycourtesy

T: 01522 523725
E: info@carholme-golf-club.co.uk
-After 12.00 noonAfter 12.00 nooncourtesy

T: 01583 431321
E: archbiscuits@aol.com
-by arrangementby arrangementcourtesy
Chilwell Manor

T: 01159 258958
E: info@chilwellmanorgolfclub.co.uk
-Tuesdayafter 11.00after 11.00courtesy

T: 01737 555781
E: office@chipsteadgolf.co.uk
-Tuesdaynot availablenot availablecourtesy

T: 01274 880047
-Tuesdayafter 4.00pmafter 4.00pmcourtesy

T: 01505 503000
E: r.jamieson-accountants@fsmail.net
-not availablenot availablecourtesy

T: 041274859797
E: info@golfcrans.ch
-nonenot Aug or during Olivier Barras Memorial and European Masters.not Aug or during Olivier Barras Memorial and European Masters.courtesy

T: 01204 651808
E: secretary@deanegolfclub.com
-Wednesdayvery restrictedvery restrictedcourtesy

T: 00 35 3749136335
E: dunfanaghygolf@eircom.net
-as availableas availablecourtesy
Dunstable Downs

T: 01582 604472
E: dunstabledownsgc@btconnect.com
-Wednesdaynot availablenot availablecourtesy

T: 01296 622114
E: admin@ellesboroughgolf.co.uk
-Tuesdaynot availablenot availablecourtesy

T: 01343 542338
E: secretary@elgingolfclub.com
-nonerestricted by competitionsrestricted by competitionscourtesy

T: 01904 413579
E: info@fulfordgolfclub.co.uk
-Tuesdaynot availableafter 13.00Summer £15
Winter £20

T: 01493 661911
E: manager@gorlestongolfclub.co,uk
-Wednesdayam onlyafter 11.30courtesy

T: 0191 285 0553
E: gosforth.golf@virgin.net

T: 0121 501 3606
E: Halesowengolfclub@btconnect.com
-Wednesdaynot availablenot availablecourtesy

T: 01429 274398
E: hartlepoolgolf@btconnect.com
-Tuesdaynot availablenot availablecourtesy
Harwich & Dovercourt

T: 01255 503616
E: harwichgolfclub@btinternet.com
-noneafter 11.00after 11.00courtesy

T: 01352 713937
E: holywell_golf_club@lineone.net
-Wednesdaynot availableRing for availabilitycourtesy

T: 01132 586819
E: secretary@horsforthgolfclubltd.co.uk
Wed until 14.00Tuesdayafter 15.30 by arrangementafter 13.30courtesy

T: 01464 820363
E: inschgolfclub@tiscali.co.uk
Tues before 14.00. Wed between 11.30 and 16.00Monday from 13.00 to 17.30courtesy
Kirby Lonsdale

T: 01524 276365 or
01524 276366
E: klgolf@dial.eipex.com
-noneno restrictionsno restrictionscourtesy
Kyles of Bute

T: 01700 811603
E: tuavite.young@btinternet.com
-Wednesdayafter 14.00courtesy

T: 01509 239129
E: longcliffegolf@btconnect.com
-Tuesdaynot availablenot availablecourtesy

T: 01670 504942
E: morpethgolfclub@btconnect.com
Wed after 10.30TuesdayNot availableRing for availabilitycourtesy
E: nunteatongolfclub@btconnect.com
-TuesdayContact for availabilityContact for availabilitycourtesy

T: 01422 374762
E: secretary@outlanegolfclud.ltd.uk
-Thursdaynot availableafter 13.00courtesy

T: 0191 487601
E: ravensworth.golfclub@virgin.net
-noneby arrangement after 13.30by arrangement after 13.30courtesy

T: 01524 709074 or
01524 701300
E: silverdalegolfclub@ecosse.net
-noneRing for availabilityRing for availabilitycourtesy
South Bradford

T: 01274 679195
E: keith.roebuck@talktalk.net
-noneafter 15.30after 15.30courtesy
South Leeds

T: 01132 771676
E: sec@slgc.freeserve.co.uk
-after 14.00by arrangementcourtesy
Stanton on the Wolds

T: 01159 374885
E: info@stantongc.co.uk
-Tuesdaynot availablenot availablecourtesy
The Glen, North Berwick

T: 01620 892726
E: secretary@glengolfclub.co.uk
-noneNot available April - SeptemberNot available April - SeptemberWith intro letter £24

T: 0161 764 7770
TuesdayNot availableAfter 11.00courtesy
West Byfleet

T: 01932 343433
E: secretary@wbgc.co.uk
-ThursdayRing for availabilityRing for availabilitycourtesy
West End, Halifax

T: 01422 341878
E: westendgc@btinternet.com
-Tuesday10.30 - 12.00 & after 14.3010.30 - 12.00 & after 14.30courtesy
West Monmouthshire

T: 01495 310233
E: chrislyn631@aol.com
-nonenot availablenot availablecourtesy

T: 01706 378310
E: richard@brazenpr.com
-Tuesdaynot availableafter 16.00courtesy

T: 01416 371783
E: secretary@williamwoodgc.co.uk
-Wednesdaynot availablenot availablecourtesy

T: 01978 364268
E: info@wrexhamgolfclub.co.uk
-Tuesdaynot availablenot availablecourtesy
Wrotham Heath

T: 01732 887370
E: wrothamheathgolf@tiscali.co.uk
-noneby arrangement after 13.00by arrangement after 13.00courtesy